History of the Sint Michiels hotel

The beginnings of Hotel Saint-Michel

House number 15 on the Grand place was originally the house of the Minster of “BRABANT”. The House was built during the middle age by a famous Belgian architect, called Meynaerts.

Built on a sand ill, the building was a defensive outpost for Mr St Géry. The building was also hit in 1441.

After the bombardments of 1695, the building was restored by the architect G. Davidson with 7 other houses of the city. The building and the 7 houses were purchased by the “tanneurs” corporation.


Sint Michel the protector of Brussels


From the rooms you can also admire the Tower of the city hall. You can visit this tower. The particularity of the tower is its view all over Brussels. A historical myth said that Sint Michael fought with the Tower’s dragon and thanks to his victory he delivered Brussels of its terrible curse.

The hotel has a good quality for good prices. The hotel is also located in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

In the summer you can enjoy the Sun. In the early morning you can see the sunrise. The morning Sunlight is projected on the buildings and that makes the city’s architecture more admirable.

In the morning you will also see the first shops opening and some pigeons that eat crumbs on the old stones.