Price list of hotel le quinze

The prices depend of the room depend from the location and and period of reservation. We have single and double rooms.

Prices can vary between € 98 148 € and we also offer you the possibility to add an extra bed. We have also Special prices for the week or the weekend during some periods.

For more information, you can always fill in contact application. We will be happy to help you futher.


Here is our price list

  • Type of room View Grande Place Back
    Normal rack week (€/night) Corpo (€/night) Normal WE (€/night) Normal rack week (€/night) Corpo (€/night) Normal WE (€/night)
    SINGLE 168 148 148 138 119 98
    DOUBLE 215 178 168 148 128 119
    Add a bed 23 23
    Small Room (only #30) 80/90



    Le 16 CHAP Normal rack week (€/night) Normal WE (€/night)
    250 180
    by week 1050 (7×150) 450 (3×150)